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Giới thiệu Đồ Chơi Nắn Bóp Đàn Hồi Giảm Stress Hình Chú Chuột

Diversity of play

A game that trains children's mathematical thinking, reasoning strategies, quick-thinking, logical thinking, etc.
A game that can be played at home, in cars, in travel, super portable, can be hi anywhere and anytime
One can play games, as cup mat, as frisbee, as decompression toy...Multi-purpose toys, etc.
A toy that has no age limit and can be fun from 3 to 99

(rules of the game)

A.Each person turns to press the small bubble that protrudes, and the last one who presses the bubble loses.
B.Each person can press 1 bubble at a time, or press multiple bubbles, but must be connected.
C.Each person can only press the bubble in the next row at a time, not separate lines.
But don't underestimate this simple rule. if you want to win, you have to implement a planning plan, master logical reasoning, calculate your mind, and use the knowledge of odd couple numbers in the game.

(other characteristics)

-lightweight, easy to carry, travel road added infinite fun, decompression, puzzle, parent-childTop ten classic travel games in america
-high quality silicone, safe and harmless, anti-fall, wear resistant, anti-squeeze, eat not, tear not broken, not broken, not broken, not bad, good quality
-you can also be a coaster, a frisbee, pinch decompression, etc., and play a lot more tricks

(commodity size)

Round: 60g diameter: 12.6 cm height x 1.5 cm
Octagonal: 62g 12.6x12.6x1.5 cm
Square: 73g 12.6x12.6x1.5 cm
Love: 71g 14.8x13.4x1.5 cm
Pentagram: 50 14x14 x 1.5 cm
Unicorn: 70g 20.5x16 x 1.5 cm
Liên kết: [BIGSIZE_75ml]Tinh chất dưỡng trắng sáng Dr. Belmeur Vita Serine Tone Smoothing Serum