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Giới thiệu Vỏ Bảo Vệ Hộp Sạc Tai Nghe Airpods Hình Túi Mua Sắm Có Dây Đeo Sang Trọng Ốp

Style: earphone storage
Note: for apple original headset only
Soft and hard: soft
Features: compact, portable
-applicable: apple airpods1/2

Designed for airpods
Flexible wrap design, easy to installl.It fits your airpods perfectly.This is the safest and easiest way to carry your airpods

High quality materials
Durable wear resistant silicone rubber material.It provides a good grip feeling, and it won't deform after it is removed because it has a high degree of flexibility.

Material is dirty-resistant material, normal use, slightly gray, can wet tissue wipe, such as sweat hand, please clean regularly.

Points to note
Actual color is subject to shipment due to personal computer settings
This product does not contain apple airpods, airpods charging box, without headphones, only headset cover

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