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  • Hỗ trợ xuất hóa đơn đỏ

Giới thiệu Set 7 Đồ Chơi Xúc Cát Cho Bé

The beach bucket is made of plastic. It is durable and durable and can be used by children for a long time.
On the beach in summer, this toy is indispensable for children, very fun.
All the toys are packed in one net bag. The baby can be put into the bag after use. It is very environmentally friendly.
Little toys are very useful and can help children improve their creativity and imagination.
This toy is not only used at the seaside, but also anywhere with dirt, so it can be used in a wide range.

Color: color random.
Material: plastic.
Size: 17.5*14cm(Barrels), 20cm(Shovel), 21cm(Rake), 9*8cm(Crab sand mold), 9*10cm(Palm sand mold), 10*8(Elephant sand mold),9*9*6.5cm(Pyramid sand mold)

Due to color random, it might send the same color items to you when you order several items.

Package Included:
1 x barrels.
1 x shovel.
1 x rake.
1 x crab sand mold.
1 x palm sand mold.
1 x elephant sand mold.
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