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Giới thiệu Đồ Chơi Ấp Trứng Kỳ Lân Cho Bé


Age Range:above 3 years old

Mfg Series Number:Toy



Product: Licorne Incubation

Product specifications: 12*8*8cm

Package list: 1pcs *Incubator

Selling points: Enhance the child's perception of space, exercise the child's logical thinking ability, cultivate the child's ability to observe and plan, shape the child's Originality ability, and increase the relationship between parents and children.

Instructions for use:
1. Open the package and put it in water until it is completely submerged. (Note: The water temperature should be lower than 30 degrees, and it should not be exposed to the sun. The water temperature should not be too high, otherwise it will burn)

2. After 12-24 hours, the shell begins to crack. Keep it submerged in water (Note: The position and method of the shell is not fixed, it may be in the middle at the top, and it cannot be pulled at will during incubation)

3. After out of the shell, the small animal is still growing up. It is necessary to maintain patience. During the growth process, it may be a little deformed. As long as it is kept submerged in water, it will become more and more complete. It may become smaller after leaving the water (note: it takes a week to fully grow up, the larger the animal, the slower it will grow)
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