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Giới thiệu Miếng Dán Kim Loại Chống Bụi Cho Tai Nghe Apple Airpods

Metal Film Sticker Dust Guard Iron Shavings Protective Cover For AirPods Airpod

Dimensions: length 41.2mm* width 17.5mm* thickness 0.04mm

Material: metal mixed material

There are nine magnets in the AirPods Case that collect large amounts of iron/metal dust over time.

The guard acts as a buffer between your casing and the metal dust that accumulates over time. The cover can be easily replaced if needed.

It can be difficult and takes some time to align the stickers on the AirPods, but the elago AirPods dust cover is made of metal and can be installed more easily and cleanly than any other similar product on the market.

The thickness of the plate is 0.04 mm. The case is used flawlessly when the dust cover is installed.


1) Align the bottom sticker with the LED indicator and attach the bottom sticker to the body part.

2) Place the top sticker upside down on the bottom with the adhesive facing up on the body portion.

3) Place the lid on the dust cover facing up so that it completely sticks to the inner ceiling when closed.

4) Place your finger in the AirPods plug-in and check that the dust cover is properly used. If not connected properly, AirPods may be scratched.

Packaged included: 2pcs sticker (without AirPods or AirPods case or other accessories)
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