Màn Hình Điện Thoại Di Động 7 Inch Tiện Dụng Mới

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Giới thiệu Màn Hình Điện Thoại Di Động 7 Inch Tiện Dụng Mới

-Using Fresnel high-definition optical technology can magnify the picture in the mobile phone 2-3 times, the picture is clear and realistic, and the dynamic feeling is stronger! .
-The product is simple and elegant in shape, light in weight and small in size, easy to carry around, suitable for various occasions-indoor, camping, traveling, leisure, etc.
-It adopts high-definition magnification optical technology, no power supply, no use cost, energy saving and environmental protection.
Four; a lot of innovative technologies are adopted in the product structure, which is simple and compact, and can be suitable for various types of mobile phones.
Five; especially watching 3D mobile phone movies, the three-dimensional effect is strong! It can be used as a traditional magnifying glass. Because of its large enlargement area, it is suitable for middle-aged and elderly people to read books, read newspapers, and watch news online.

Color: white
size:Seven inches
Package:1* Screen Magnifier
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