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🌟Product category: window Screen Repair Patch
🌟Material: glass fibre + Pet glue
🌟Size: 5*200cm
This is an anti-destructive, waterproof and fireproof window screen patch. For your pleasant summer and comfortable night, your window screen is essential. But when your window screen is broken, it may be very troublesome. But now, we have launched the window screen patch. At night, mom doesn't have to worry that I will be bitten by mosquitoes.

It's super easy to use, too! Yes, as easy as five steps only:

1. Wipe the repair area with a dry rag.
2. Trim around the hole to make it flat.
3. Simply cut out a piece to the appropriate size, in accordance to the damage on your screen.
4. Put it or stick it over the damaged screen area.
5. Blow it dry for at least 60 seconds and... voila! Damaged screens as good as new!


1. Do not recommend multiple patching and splicing.
2. Be sure to trim around the hole to make it flat, wipe the dust off the screen and keep it dry.
3. Use a hair dryer to heat up and then stick it, the effect is better.

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