Bộ Lắp Ghép Gỗ Đa Năng Cho Trẻ Em

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Giới thiệu Bộ Lắp Ghép Gỗ Đa Năng Cho Trẻ Em

This wooden seven-piece puzzle, which is simple and practical, beautiful and unique, wear-resistant and durable. It can make the baby know the letter, number or figures. It is very easy to assemble, which can be used to pass the time, develop baby´s intelligence, increase patience and carefulness, improve hand-eye coordination and relieve stress, it is the nice toy for your kids.

Material: Wood
Category: Toys
Applicable Gender: Unisex
Applicable Age Range: More than 3 Years
Features: Simple, practical, wear-resistant, beautiful, easy to assemble
Size: One Size
Type: Small letter/Capital letter/Numbers 1-20/Numbers+ Figures/Figures/Numbers 0-9

Package Content:
26pcs* Puzzle( Small letter/ Capital letter)
25pcs* Puzzle( Numbers 1-20)
20cs* Puzzle( Numbers+ Figures)
12pcs* Puzzle( Figures)
10pcs* Puzzle( Numbers 0-9)

Due to the lighting and monitors, there are slight difference between the picture and the real item.

If the product has any quality problems, please feel free to contact us, we will help you solve the problem as quickly as possible.
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