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Giới thiệu Mũ Trùm Đầu Làm Khô Tóc Đính Nơ Siêu Thấm Hút Nhanh Khô Tiện Dụng

Planning focus: Available on the front page of the store 【Big bills】
Grade, welcome
To ensure receipt of our latest information, please click 【Concerns】 Oh, we will update relevant information from time to time.
There are merchandise in the store, you can go to the selling house and talk about the current events

♪ (^ω^) Good name: Coral down sticky hair cap
♪ (^ω^) Reduction in the number of people: See figure 5, approximately 224.518.
♪ (^ω^) Material quality: Coral fluff (Because the product may not be selected accurately, please refer to the reference here)
♪ (^ω^) Reduction in the number of people: About 69 g

【Special notes】:
- if other goods are to be purchased, whether or not the store is on shelf, we can all talk about ourselves, we'll try our best to arrange the mishap, because of the relationship of time, we've got some of the goods that we didn "t come and go on shelves
- Differences in male or female sterile light or displays, there may be a colour difference from the gnarlets.
- Brightness measurement, there may be errors in the vicinity of 0-2 or within 5.
- If products are discovered when they are received, they are noticed, please don't rush for negative comment, all you need is a photograph of the goods and a list of the items, frequently sent to chat, customer service staff will contact you immediately at work to handle it for you.

Grade: Very expected, i'm glad to be of service to you, if there is one, we can talk to each other

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