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Giới thiệu Hộp Vải Đựng Đồ Đa Năng Tiện Dụng Chất Lượng Cao

Welcome to fanshome_store store (づ。◕ᴗᴗ◕。)づ

Product name: DIY plastic cover desktop storage box storage bucket
Material: PP
Single grid size: 10.5*9.7*5.3cm
Double grid size: 9.7*14*3cm
Round storage size: 10.5*8.5cm
Storage range: stationery, desk finishing, cosmetics, etc.

#CATS STORE is coming! #
Warm companion, caring to go with you~
Miao Liduo brings warm little things that are closely related to cats in life to facilitate your life and improve your happiness
~~ Boutique must-have, recommended by conscience!

[Notes for subscripts] This store is officially settled overseas, and it will take 7 to 10 days to arrive after the order is placed ✈!
1. If there is anything unclear about the product, please leave a message in the chat, and the customer service will reply you as soon as possible~☺
2. The quantity of goods in the store is the actual inventory, and out of stock will be indicated on the display diagram. If there is occasional out-of-stock phenomenon and it is too late to update, we will contact Shuishui in time and negotiate a solution~ (ノ゚∀゚)ノ
3. All the goods in the store are taken in kind. Due to technology, display, light, and environmental reasons, the pictures may sometimes have a little color difference. Please refer to the actual product received! (*^▽^*)
4. All the prices on the store are the actual selling prices, please don't waste time on bargaining~ We guarantee the quantity and quality, thank you! Thanks! (✪ω✪)

☆We operate very hard and treat every customer sincerely~
☆If you are satisfied with the service and products of the store, please give me a good review after receiving the goods! Thank you very much!
☆Finally, I wish you a happy shopping! ♪(^∀^●)ノ.
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