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Giới thiệu Hộp Đựng Bàn Chải Đánh Răng Tiện Lợi Khi Đi Du Lịch

❤Key: can collect "big coupon" on the front page of the store
Hi, welcome
To ensure that we receive our latest preferential information, please click focus first. we will update the information on a regular basis~
There are hundreds of goods in the store, you can go to the store home page or chat with the private information about current activities

♪()☞Name: travel toothbrush storage box
♪()☞Size: see figure 5 about 20x3 x 2cm
♪()☞Material: abs (please note here for product properties that may not be accurately selected)
♪()☞Weight: about 14 g

Special notes:
-if other goods we want to buy, whether or not we can talk about private information in the store, we will try to arrange shipment because of the time relationship, some of our goods are not coming and put on shelves
-the picture may have a color difference with the object due to the difference in the light or display taken.
-the dimensions are measured manually and there may be errors of about 0-2cm or less than 5%.
-if you find the product abnormal when you receive it, please don't rush to negative comments. you just need to take photos of the product and the order and get to chat. customer service staff will contact you to handle it for you at work.

Ps: i'm very glad to be of service to you. if you have any questions, we can talk to you about it
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