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Giới thiệu ✨Hàng sẵn sàng✨Chăn Giữ Ấm Khẩn Cấp Chống Thấm Nước

Material : Waterproof and weatherproof foil and Mylar emergency thermal blanket for retaining heat. Mylar insert provides insulation and the foil cover can reflect heat back to the body or absorb heat from the sun
Each survival blanket is individually folded, wrapped, and sealed for easy storage and retrieval. They are reusable, waterproof and windproof and can also be used for both ground cover and shade.
Durable and advanced aluminized dual-sided Mylar blankets are perfect for conserving body heat in emergency survival situations; helps prevent hypothermia and shock by retaining/reflecting up to 90% of a user's body heat.
Dimension: measures 130cm/51" Length x 210cm/83" Width
Perfect for camping trips and sporting events. use as backpack cover, rain poncho, shade cover, emergency shelter, sleeping bag liner, ground cover and so on.
Package Includes:
1 Piece Emergency Blanket
1 Piece Emergency Blanket
1 Piece Storage Pouch
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