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Giới thiệu (Hàng Mới Về) Mặt Nạ Ngủ Che Mắt Màu Đen Tiện Dụng Khi Đi Du Lịch

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♥Commodity description:
★Name: 3d stereo sleep eye mask (black)
★Size: 23cm long; 9cm wide
★Material: polyester
★Color/pattern: red, gray, purple, rose red, black, blue, leopard, big eyes

✨3d sleep eye mask with soft sponge inside and polyester cloth comfortable soft outside
✨Help you sleep deep, unique 3d three-dimensional cut, free of pressure and indentation
✨Fabric, compared with a three-dimensional eye mask is thinner and softer, more breathable
✨Adjustable, back stretch rubber band magic stickers design, wear not easy to fall
✨Adjustable, back stretch rubber band velcro, wear not easy to fall
✨Soft, not hurt the device, not hurt the hand, easy to dry

▶▶Scope of application:

Shopping instructions:
☞There may be a color difference between the picture and the object due to the light-taking or display difference;
☞The dimensions are hand-measured, unit cm, and there will be errors of 1-3cm due to different measurement methods.
☞Please talk about customer service and avoid the return of excess material.
☞If you find the product abnormal, please do not rush to negative comments. you just need to take photos and order to chat, customer service personnel will contact you to handle it for you immediately during work hours.

📣📣📣I'm very glad to be of service to you. if you have any questions, we can talk to you about private information
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