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Giới thiệu Giá Đỡ Điện Thoại Kiểu Dáng Hoạt Hình Dễ Thương

Universal joint 3
This stand is known in Vietnam as a multifunctional phone stand, and although it's more than just a small phone accessory, it can be used to "prop up" a smartphone, and it has many useful uses for phone users.
It depends on the creativity of smartphone fans, who are increasingly using or using a stand.Use of Support
1. The mobile phone has a compact stand that can be used anytime and anywhere.
Just tap it gently on the back of the phone and you've got a compact little phone stand that can be used to watch movies, tireless hands and feet for a few hours, and a camera that's easy to take pictures with.Or put it next to your bed and turn your phone into a beautiful alarm clock.
2. Easy to operate, pick up the phone, run or do outdoor activities.
Cellphone clip holder
5. Holding a cell phone for hours can make it easy to slip, especially for people who sweat a lot.This stand is a sacred accessory that acts as a fulcrum for good fingers on your smartphone.
3. Eight hours of video calls
Holding your phone for a long time, video calls can make conversations uncomfortable because your hands will move a lot, your hands will get tired, and your hands will shake.The stand will give you more free time when you're making video calls.Or, if you're afraid that the video of talking will make your face look bad, with a nice little stand, you'll be easier to adjust and adjust your Angle, and your face will be more photographed on the phone.
4. Support the use of smart phones near humid environment
Just like sweaty hands, using your phone in a humid environment increases the likelihood that it will slip and break.In this case, the brace is your lifeline.
5. Wear headphones neatly to prevent interference
With the kickstand, you can easily put the headphones around you and keep it neat.This is very useful for people who use headphones a lot or forget where they're put.
6. Selfies are more convenient
Selfies are faster, easier and easier to take when your finger is clipped to the stand on the back of your smartphone.
7. Suitable for large mobile devices
Braces support large devices like tablets and e-readers for convenience, comfort, and security.You can also use it on small devices like GoPros.
8. Nice phone.
You should not hold the phone to someone, you can gently move your smartphone and put your back on the table like bowling, without standing up.
9. Support gaming
Now, with two stands, two stands on the back of the phone, you can play games on your smartphone for hours, which is a viable task.No finger fatigue, no slips.
10. Elegant fun, inexplicable excrement
Since it's easy to pull out by pressing the button, many people are usually unable to stop pulling by pressing the bracket.It's a way to entertain and exercise your fingers.Kids love tripods, too.
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