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Interesting Scientific Experiment Technology Small-scale Manufacturing Handmade Material Terra Cotta Warriors Chariot Model

Perpect gift for childen to learn knowledge through this experiment, to enjoy DIY thus their hand-making ability.

Kids can not only play with it bu also know some knowledge from it.
Learn physics knowledge with fun.
High quality wooden material made with no toxic.
It can be DIY the colour by hand, perceiving the color.
To improve kid's ability of hand-making.
Packing Size:390*285*20mm/15.3*11.2*0.8in
Package Weight:150g/5.3oz

Packing List:
1 set of plate
1 manual
1 T motor
2 No.5 batter-y boxes
several long and short axles
several screws and nuts and washers
several belt pulleys
1 cotton thread
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