Đồng Hồ Báo Thức Điện Tử Hiển Thị 24 Giờ

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Giới thiệu Đồng Hồ Báo Thức Điện Tử Hiển Thị 24 Giờ

Colour: O Waiting for a better life, pink, b Battery, grindle, chinese, chinese pink, chinese, chinese
Material quality: Silicon gel Persistence
Please contact us for a separate English version
Manufacturers can customize and mishap
Description of product use:
I、 product function
24 hours (1 second-23 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds) Electronic, regular、 countdown timer、 a memory/clock.
Ii、 scope
Morning break、 learning time、 beauty Time、 exercise time、 telephone time、 meeting time、 glass cooking、 parking time、 time for medication.
Iii、 standard time
By model (Wanted) Model to clock, press Start button (Grindle/mishap) 2 seconds into clock adjustment mode, press the second key (S Petty) Turn seconds, press the key (Grade) Redeployment, time Key (H Waiting for) Time frame Press Start button again (Grindle/mishap) Or 15 seconds without pressing back to clock mode, time minute key lock. Press the mode key first if you need to reschedule the time (Wanted) You can not go to the clock mode until you have a mishap.
Iv、 present time
- Press the mode key (Wanted) Time to normal, when zero, press the Start Key to start the timing.
- Press the Start button again (Grindle/mishap) Stop time, then press the zero button to zeros.
V、 countdown to the year
- Press the mode key (Wanted) Timing mode, press the zero button (Clear) Zero, press seconds (S Petty)、 minute (Grade)、 time (H Waiting for) Time to Brighten, press Start button again (Grindle/mishap) The countdown begins.
- Press Start button (Grindle/mishap) Time in the case of waiting, press the zero button (Clear) Zero.
- Press the Pattern Key for the Pleasure Group (Wanted) Select Group II, operation is the same as before, the bells represent group, the bells represent the second group.
- Press the mode key (Wanted) Select the clock in turn (C Petty maiden)、 present time (Madness)、 countdown 1 (Coud\ x {5db0} n1)、 countdown 2 (Coud\ x {5db2})
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