Đèn Led Cảnh Báo Hình Vây Cá Mập Cho Xe Ô Tô

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Giới thiệu Đèn Led Cảnh Báo Hình Vây Cá Mập Cho Xe Ô Tô

ᖘᖘ Features:
1. Stylish appearance design; wind powered light; no need to set wire, easy installation(with double-sided adhesive); built-in super bright LED, 100% waterproof; safe and practical;
2. Can be installed on car and motorcycle front; when car speed is over 40km/h, the wind will start to generate power; energy saving; can be used as night driving warning lamp and decorate your car;
3. It is a wind power LED antenna light which is made of transparent plastic with electroplated plastic base, plastic front fan blade, and interior metal coil;

Warm promts:
1. Comes with waterproof double-sided adhesive, just paste in on your car body without modifying your car original circuit;
2. After installation, do not wash, scratch or touch it in 24 hours to avoid effect;


1 x Car Shark Fin Antenna Wind Power LED Light
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