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Giới thiệu Đầu Lọc Gắn Vòi Nước Cao Cấp M7J2

necessary items for home, kitchen and office are compact, environmentally friendly, easy to install double filtration, and cleaner.
make the water pure, delicious, gentle, avoid splashing, exquisite appearance, easy to install and easy to clean.
enjoy clean water with this healthy tap water purifier.
the faucet purifier can be easily installed on your faucet.
through the internal organization and processing level, the effect of rapid purification and layered filtration is achieved.
after using this product, the water flow of the faucet can be reduced and controlled immediately to prevent splashing and save water.

1. please put this product on the faucet;
2. after using water for a period of time, the color of pp cotton swab becomes darker, indicating that the turbidity of the tap water is higher, and the darker the color, the more dirt;
3. this product cannot filter out bacteria, viruses, e. coli, etc.;
4. the testing process does not affect the normal use of tap water, please remove this product in time after testing;
5. this product is only suitable for demonstrating the quality of water. if you want to drink safe, healthy and hygienic clean water, please choose professional household clean water

material: pp cotton
color: white + blue
size: about 6.7*3.4 cm

the package includes:
1 piece of water filter
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