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Giới thiệu Công tắc chuột thay thế DG2 T85 0.05A 3

1PC Original CHERRY Mouse Micro Switch Button DG2 DG4 T85 Gray 1.47N Black 0.74N

We have 3 styles to choose from: DG2 Black 0.74N, DG4 Black 0.74N, DG2 Gray 1.47N

DG2 Black dot (0.74N) is shorter than OMRON, and the rebound is compact, fast, crisp and not hard.

DG2 Gray dot(1.47N) although it is hard to handle, it has the advantages of fast rebound, super compact, fast, strong sense of paragraph, very clear and powerful hand, and more suitable for the players who click more vigorously.

DG4 Black dots(0.74N) DG2 black 0.74N upgraded version, the main competitor for the OMRON D2F-F-3-7 micro pressure lock, 0.74N grams, gold alloy contact, after the upgrade: compared to the DG2 trigger intensity spots smaller, response speed is improved to a certain degree, the intensity is more uniform, long service life, but also retains the key process, the relatively short DG2 the springback is compact, rapid feedback, crisp but not hard, German quality, suitable for high frequency and click -FPS, RTS games!

Compatible with:
The following is a general-purpose, very good part of the feel, such as: RAZER (Mperator, NAGA, MAMBA, DeathAdder, Lachesis, Abyssus, Orochi, Diamondback, Copperhead, Krait, etc.) SteelSeries (Xai, IKARI), Microsoft Red Light shark IO1.1 (left and right button), Logitech MX full range, Logitech Saturn trackball, Logitech Mars trackball, Logitech G full range, Apple G3 G4 G5, Rapoo series with the same size specifications, DELL IBM size specifications Micro-motion, A4TECHX7 series, etc.!

Color:DG2 Black 0.74N, DG4 Black 0.74N, DG2 Gray 1.47N
Quantity: 1PC

1. Not suitable for KINZU mouse, because KINZU's mechanical structure design is not suitable for DG2
2. It is also found to be unsuitable for Logitech M705 and Razer Abyssus (recommended for 7N 20M or D2F-F-3-70)

Package includes: (Without retail package)
1 x CHERRY Mouse Micro Switch
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