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Bird Repellent Garden Protectors: Horned Owl statue set could scares away the animals like birds, pests, squirrel, raccoons, and more. Keep all pests and birds away effortlessly.
High Quality: Measures: 17x15x41cm 17x15x41cm 6.69x5.91x16.14inch . Made of sturdy molded plastic and seems very realistic, scare away birds effectively. These two realistic owl statues have the iconic eagle beak, binocular-like frightening eyes and extremely detailed feathers to create a terrifying predatory look.
Great Design: Bottom tab for filling with sand to weight for more stability. Eco-friendly and wildlife friendly -- get rid of birds and pests humanely without harming them. Can also easily placing the plastic owl on a stick or pole with the hollow bottom.
Stylish Decoration: Can be placed in the garden, patio, or porch. Also could be placed in indoor to decorate your living room, hall, restaurant, hotel. With our scarecrow owl, you don't have to worry about pigeons messing up your balcony or squirrels roaming your deck.
Tips: If for any reason you're not 100% SATISFIED, please let us know and our customer service team will help you.
Size:17x15x41cm 6.69x5.91x16.14inch
Package Includes:
1 x Owl Statue
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