Bộ 4 Khay Nhựa Đựng Thực Phẩm Q9C7 Cho Tủ Lạnh

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Giới thiệu Bộ 4 Khay Nhựa Đựng Thực Phẩm Q9C7 Cho Tủ Lạnh


Our refrigerator storage partition is made of food grade polypropylene, which is safe, nontoxic, environmentally friendly and durable.

Our products are very good. You can separate them at will to store anything you want.

When installing, there is no need to drill holes. Our products are very easy to install, just clip them on.

After using our products, you can classify various foods. Therefore, you don't have to worry that your refrigerator will be dirty.

At the same time, it can also be used in drawers or other places where it can be clamped, not only in refrigerators.



Product name: refrigerator storage separator

Main material: polypropylene

Product dimensions: 6 * 5 * 0.4 cm

Package Included:

4*Partition board
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