Bộ 2 Chuột Chơi Game Logitech G102 0.6mm

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Giới thiệu Bộ 2 Chuột Chơi Game Logitech G102 0.6mm

Product Features:
-Special high polymer composites.
-Having characteristic tics of non-adhesive, high smoothness and high wear-resistance.
-Decrease the friction between the mouse and the mousepad caused by the movement, reach the effect of maintenance.
-It will greatly increase the smoothness between the mouse and the mousepad after using, allow you to experience the feeling of freely flying.
-The work of mouse skates is so deliberate and carful especially filing up the edge of chamfering that it can avoid accident scuffing for mouse skates effectively.
-Made of 100% teflon. Once it is used out after sticking on the mouse for a long time, it still can be detached completely without defective gum.
-With a with free Alcohol pad for clean.

Before using mouse skates, remove the original ones. Don't increase any distance between the mouse and the mousepad, so as to prevent the sensitivity of mouse being affected.
Keep your mousepad clean during daily use, avoid the mousepad and mouse skates being scratched due to the dust.

Package includes: (Without retail package)
2 sets x mouse skates
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