1 Vòng Ngậm Mọc Răng Màu Cầu Vồng Cho Bé

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Giới thiệu 1 Vòng Ngậm Mọc Răng Màu Cầu Vồng Cho Bé

Material: pp plastic material, excluding bisphenol a
Number: 1
Weight: 0.006 kg
Applicable: over 0 months baby

Commodity description:
:: rich color and texture, stimulating the visual development of the baby; x color rings with different touch, promoting the baby's tactile and grip development; x stringing for toys; x x and can be stuck on doors as a protective tool against gripping hands.
You can connect some toys to a safe seat or stroller; you can hang them on a toy fitness rack to let the baby pull, or you can hang them on a stroller to keep the toys from falling.The baby can hang on the game mat, fitness rack, practice grip, hand precision and strength, the baby can develop a variety of combination shapes.

Regarding soft hardness and play methods:
This hand grasp ring is hard, play more, suitable for the baby to practice grip and develop intelligence.

Disinfection instructions:
Do not contain bpa, do not open water or microwave cooking, use warm water before use or use neutral cleaning agent clean.

Product details:
Some pits are in each ring at injection points, not quality issues
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